Eficiencia energética en una vivienda de obra nueva
Are you thinking of buying a new home? If so, surely worry about factors such as geographical location, the number of rooms or the number of square meters of it. Today, we would like to remind you of the importance of an aspect to be taken into account in the times in which we live: energy efficiency in a new construction home. Do you know the subject? You have doubts? We recommend that you keep
new flats with swimming pool
Currently, the new flats with swimming pool have become one of the most demanded constructions by those interested in obtaining a home, either as a home address, as a second home address or even as a real estate investment. When it comes to choosing new flats with a pool, it is essential to take into consideration several tips in this regard, as well as to know what are the main advantages that can come from
IVA pisos nuevos
Among the most frequent doubts presented by buyers of new construction flats are the ones referring to the types of expenses that a house of this character entails. Therefore, we answer the question about the VAT on the new development flats have and we help you calculate it in the most accurate way. But first, let’s define what we mean by new or new construction flats. Thus, a home is considered new when the acquisition
building flats for sale
Many people need months or even years to make a decision when buying a new building flat for sale. This due to the fact of a wide variety offered nowadays in the real-estate market and also is because it is intimidating as a first time buyer to navigate through the paperwork needed to purchase the property. That’s why, we want to help you overcome those obstacles so you can acquire your new building flat with
piso nuevo alta luz
If you have just moved or you plan to do it soon, this post will be of great interest because it is very likely that one of the first actions you have to perform before finally settling is to get electricity supplier. For this reason, we have compiled all the information you need to know in order to successfully complete the process of getting the electricity supplier in a new flat. But first of all,